Physico-chemical and microbiological properties of forest litter soil

Author(s): G.Narasimha

The present study was carried out in search of correlation between the physico-chemical and biological properties of forest and normal soil.Variation in physicochemical and biological properties were noticed in forest soil accumulated with litter than normal soil (control soil) includes soil pH (4.6 – 5.7) WHC (0.63 – 0.36ml/gram of soil), EC (0.18 – 0.072 Mhos/cm,) Phosphorus (3 7kg/h), Potassium (93 – 103) Kg/h in litter and normal soils respectively. The biological properties such as bacterial and fungal populationwas enumerated and expressed in terms of CFU/g of soil. Nearly threefold higher bacterial and fungal population was observed in litter soil than control.

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