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Physico-Chemical Analysis of Ground Water Quality of Dhrol

Author(s): Patel T, Mahour PK , Mahour R, Lautre HK and Shah P

Ground water samples were collected from diverse spaces of Dhrol taluka of Jamnagar district (India) for investigation of their physicochemical parameters. These Fifteen water samples from diverse spaces were analyzed for their physicochemical characteristics. Local community utilized this water for drinking and irrigation purpose. Laboratory investigations were carried out for analysis like, Temperature, Calcium-Magnesium hardness, pH, TDS, Chloride, Alkalinity, sulphate, phosphate and nitrate. These parameters are effectiveness in calculating quality of ground water. The results were compared with the drinking water guidelines of Indian Standard (IS) and World Health Organization (WHO). For the statistical studies, values of mean, standard deviations and correlation co-efficient (r) were calculated to determine the strength of relation between variables. The key plan of our study is to find the quality of ground water in and around Dhrol taluka and formulate it for drinking purposes after appropriate purification.

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