Physico-chemical analysis of ground water of Kota (BilaspurDistt c.g) and its surrounding area with special reference to fluoride

Author(s): Rashmi verma, Dr.M.R.Augur

The ground water quality is determined in four area of Kargi Road Kota (Coded As Kota S1, Mauhar kha S-2,,Kota Naka chowk S-3, Pipertarai S- 4), where from each area ground water samples are under studied for Physico- chemical status of ground water. In Physico-chemical analysis various quality parameter are measured including pH, turbidity, electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS), total hardness(TH),content of calcium(Ca2+),magnesium(Mg2+)),chloride(Cl-),), DO, BOD, total alkalinity (TA) and Fluoride (F-) concentration present in ground water. Also all parameters were compared with ICMR standards of water quality.

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