Physical properties of chalcogenide glasses from the GeSe2-Sb2Te3-PbSb2Te4 system

Author(s): Temenuga Hristova-Vasileva, Lilia Aljihmani, Venceslav Vassilev

Chalcogenide glasses from the GeSe2-Sb2Te3-PbSb2Te4 system are synthesized by direct monotemperature synthesis from the initial compounds. The thermal properties (temperatures of glass-transition Tg, crystallization Tcr and melting Tm, as well as the Hruby’s criterion of the glassy samples are determined using DTA. On their basis the Hruby’s criterion KG is calculated. The density and the Vickersmicrohardness of the glasses are measured and using the obtained values the compactness C, the elasticitymodulus E and the thermomechanical properties (micro-voids volume Vh and energy for formation of a micro-void Eh) are calculated. A correlation between these properties and the glasses composition is established and discussed.

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