Photodegradation of reactive red 141 by combined photocatalysis and photo-Fenton-like processes

Author(s): Selma K.Kuriechen, Sepperumal Murugesan

The present study investigates the photodegradation of a di-azo dye, Reactive Red 141 by combining photo-Fenton-like reactions (Fe3+ or Cu2+) and TiO2 or sulphur-doped TiO2 (S-TiO2) based heterogeneous photocatalysis. The mineralization efficiency of paired systems is evaluated from total organic carbon (TOC) measurements. The photodegradation rates of coupled systems are higher than those of individual techniques of photocatalysis and photo-Fenton-like reactions under visible light illumination. While the addition of metal-ions to the TiO2-RR141 system reduces the rate of photodegradation of RR141, the metal-ions addition to TiO2-oxone-RR141 system increases the degradation of RR141 due to synergistic effect.

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