Photodegradation of industrial textile effluent by novel composite Cr3 +: ZnO

Author(s): H.R.Ravi, C.P.Sajan, P.Naveenkumara

Semiconducting material like TiO2 and ZnO plays a promising role in the photodegradation of toxic organic materials present in water. In the present case the author reports the photodegradastion of textile effluent using Cr3+: ZnO, where the photodegradation of textile effluent was carried out under both sunlight and UV light. The effect of various parameters such as catalyst loading, intensity of illumination was investigated on photocatalytic degradation of textile effluent. The degradation efficiency of these compounds was calculated by knowing the % Decomposition, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and % Transmission (%T) of textile effluent before and after exposing to light. The increase in %T, % Decomposition and reduction in COD of treated effluent reveales the destruction of organics present in textile waste.

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