Photocatalytic removal of fast green FCF dye from water using hydrothermally prepared TiO2 deposited CASB supported composite

Author(s): H.P.Shivaraju, K.Byrappa

A supporting photocatalyst was prepared by depositing anatase phase of TiO2 on the surface of calcium alumino-silicate beads supports that made easy recoverable and highly active photocatalyst in the aqueous medium. Supporting photocatalyst was prepared by hydrothermal technique using General Purpose autoclaves under mild hydrothermal conditions (temperature- 200OC, solvent-1M HCl, duration-24 h). The photocatalytic degradation of industrial dye Fast Green FCF in aqueous medium was studied in a batch photoreactor under different light sources. The decomposition of dye molecules in water by UV/deposited TiO2 process was studied under various conditions such as photocatalyst load, initial dye concentration, initial pH and temperature.

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