Photocatalytic activity of the nano-sized TiO2/NaY zeolite for removal of methylene blue

Author(s): M.Zendehdel, Z.Kalateh, Z.Mortezaii

Apreparation of TiO2-dispersedY-zeolite has been attempted by a method comprising a substantial ion-exchange of ammonium titanyl oxalate (NH4)2TiO(C2O4)2 and its decomposition. This composite characterized with X-Ray diffractometer and X-ray spectroscopy. These composites have many advantages such as high stability and high porosity. The photocatalytic degradation behavior of methylene blue was investigated forNaYzeolite and TiO2/NaYzeolite.The efficiency of time, pH, temperature and initial concentration of methylene blue (MB) on degradation of methylene blue was investigated byUV-Vis spectroscopy.And, the optimum conditionswere determined 8h time, basic pHand high initial concentrations of methylene blue and photocatalyst. Results showed that 90% of methylene blue was removal by synthesized TiO2/zeolite with UV irradiation.

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