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Phanerochaete Chrysosporium Involvement In Medium pH Alteration And Speciation Of Cu At Goethite Surface

Author(s): Qi Lin, Hongmei Zhao, Kaili Shen, Yingxu Chen

Batch experiments in the aerobic nutrient medium indicated that P.chrysosporium was involved in medium pH alteration and speciation of Cu at goethite surface. It was observed that pH alteration induced by P.chrysosporium was mineral dependant. The interaction between P.chrysosporium and goethite might shift the equilibrium to releasing more metal into the aqueous phase due to the decrease of pH in medium, sequestration of Cu by mycelium and formation of soluble organic Cu complex. The conversion of weakly bound Cu to aqueous Cu at the first 96 h of incubation was observed while strongly bound Cu remained nearly constant during the whole experimental period. The re-immobilization of Cu at 192 h was occurred in the presence of P.chrysosporium, which could be explained as being the result of both Cu precipitation with the increased pH and complexing of Cu by carboxyl, phenolic and carbonyl groups of the organic phase. In conclusion, P.chrysosporium-mineral interaction can play a key role in the cycling of trace elements in natural systems. A better understanding of fungal-mineral interactions is an urgent need to bioremediate the contaminated soil with fungi.

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