Pesticidal contamination status and decontamination of various pesticide residues in fruits by household preparations

Author(s): P.N.Waghulde, P.R.Patil

The residual concentration of some pesticides in seasonal fruits was monitored. Locally available fruitswere purchased frommainmarket and nearby villages and analyzed by gas chromatography. In decontamination the apple and papaya fruitswere spiked with some amount of pesticides (9-12mg/kg). Spiked samples were analyzed before and after of different household processing to evaluate the effect of processing. In apple and papaya fruits cumulative effect of washing with hot water showed the residue reduction by 75.9-92.4%followed by 80.8-91.1%with saltwater and 65.8-82.0with 0.1 %citric acid solution washing and 47.5-71.2 %with tap water washing.

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