Passive Method Of Monitoring And Ion-Chromatograpic Determination Of Ambient Sulphur Dioxide In University Of Benin (Ugbowo Campus), Benin-City

Author(s): S.A.Uzoekwe, S.I.Ahonkhai

The ambient concentration of a gaseous pollutant, sulfur dioxide (SO2) was measured in five locations in the University of Benin (Ugbowo Campus) and environ using ‘passive’ sampling method and the sulphate sampled was measured using ion-chromatography which has been found to be very sensitive and reliable. The result obtained showed a spatial variation in concentration at various locations. The highest mean SO2 concentration of 25.60 μg/m3 was recorded at Uniben Staff School sampling location and the lower mean concentration of 13.90 μg/m3 was also recorded at point between junior staff quarters and the kitchen complex. However, the values obtained found to be lower than WHO annual average guideline value of 50 μg/m3.

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