Occupational health hazards: an alarming issue of vindhyan region madhya pradesh india

Author(s): S.K.Pandey, V.Shah, S.Pandey, U.K.Chauhan, R.M.Mishra

Background- Occupational health hazards are the major problem in Indian labourers and industrial worker population which has been always overlooked due to lack of education, poverty, administrative indifference and apathy. And if not checked and whistled as early as possible it will increase by alarming rate. In this pursuit we have surveyed labourers and industrial workers of Vindhyan region for calculating the risk factors and how often they are open to occupational health hazards. We also tried to find out whether they are under medical supervision, kinds and types of Vindhyan region occupational hazards and their awareness about these diseases, their causes, precaution and cure. Design &settings- we have surveyed 100 labourers and industrial workers of Vindhyan region who are involved in construction of murrum giiti road (kaccha road), making of pakka road (damrikaran), infrastructure development, mines, stone crushers, cement industries, fire cracker manufacturing units Result- Ninety % of the subject population does not aware about the occupational health hazards where as 40 % of the subject population is suffering from diseases of occupational health hazards being unaware of it. Thirty percent of subject population were suffering from lung diseases and breathing troubles while 10 % of subjects were suffering from skin allergies. None of the labourers and industrial workers was suffering from metabolic syndrome such as hypertension, heart diseases, bowel disorder, diabetes and urinary trouble. In subject population 68 % persons have been found anaemic. Thirty % of subject population is found to be not able to arrange a balanced diet hence suffering from deficiency diseases. Ten % of subject population is found below average weight than normal BMI. Conclusion- There is no knowledge and information available to workers for occupational health hazard because of this unawareness and its measurement disregard major health problem is generating which leads to low life expectancy of workers.

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