Novel nano scale synthesis and electrical features of free fluoride HP mica clay for water remediation

Author(s): M.Khaled Elsabawy, F.Waheed Elhawary

Mixed solid state/solution routes were applied to synthesize new family of free-fluoride synthetic clay for water remediation applications. The selected samples of synthetic free fluoride -Na-4-mica were having the general formula (Na4Mg6M4Si4O22.nH2O) whereM=Al, Bi and Cr3+. Structural and micro- structural properties were monitoring by using both of XRD and SEM evaluating, grain size of the mica bulk was found to be in between 2.37- 3.43mwhich are lower than those reported in literatures. Electrical investigation proved that clay I &II exhibited semi-conducting behavior while insulating behavior with clay III that confirm the energy gap Eg is maximumfor chromiumclay.

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