Noise quality assessment at selected locations of fergusson college road of Pune and its effect on urban population

Author(s): A.V.Mane, M.A.Joshi, U.P.Khandelwal, K.L.Bapat, R.D.Gaikwad

Nowadays noise is considered one of the major components of environmental pollution. Industrial development, increased commercial sectors and heavy traffic have resulted in increase in noise levels. Noise pollution brings about degradation of environmental quality which later creates health and communication problems. The present work was carried out to assess the traffic noise levels at three different locations of Fergusson College Road of Pune city namely Dnyaneshwar Chauk, Goodluck Chauk and Garaware Chauk. Noise level for six continuous days were recorded inmorning, afternoon and evening. Twenty readings at each location for one period of the day were collected for the further analysis. The data collected was used to find out equivalent noise level (Leq) by using formula which is applied to any fluctuating noise level. The Leq level in three locations found in the range of 65 to 95 dB (A) and for most of the time was observed to be quite high as compared with Indian standards. It was also observed that the pollution levels goes high inmorning and evening on urban roads, as people travel to and fro work places. The present research study is based on the expected relationship between traffic noise and its annoyance impact is correlated with health effects faced by the citizens who regularly work and travel in high traffic areas.

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