Nitrate Removal By Fecl3 Supported Carbon Active From Aqueous Solution

Author(s): Abbas Rezaee, Hatam Godini, Saeed Dehestani, Majid Ansari, Ali Khavanin

A laboratory scale study was conducted in batch mode to study the feasibility of using FeCl3 supported activated carbon (FeCl3-AC) for nitrate removal from its aqueous solution. The increasing pollution of natural sources of drinking water encourages the development of new techniques for water treatment. Activated carbon (AC) adsorption is an effective means for reducing organic and inorganic materials, unpleasant tastes and odors in effluent or colored substances from gas or liquid streams. In this study, the extent of adsorption was studied as a function of nitrate concentrations, AC dosage and contact time. The maximum removal for nitrate was 84.4 % and 8.8 % for FeCl3-AC and AC respectively. The nitrate removal was over 86mg nitrate per 1g of FeCl3-AC. Removal of nitrate has direct correlation with AC dosage. The sorption process was relatively fast. The equilibrium time was found to be 30min for FeCl3-AC. According to these results, FeCl3 supported of AC could be a very promising agent to remove nitrate from drinking water.

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