New theory on the cause of global warming

Author(s): Yahachiro Matsushita

A peculiar thermal property for CO2 doesn’t exist and is a question of degree on gas elements, the expression makes a wrong. Boyle Charles law give the thermal properties of gases. Liquids happens from solid of atom and molecule with specific heat (Cp) of 27.3j at 0 K when a elongation between atoms reaches 1% limit and goes to gases. The fact exists in the periodic table. Relation between elongation (á) and the temperature (Tg) provides the equation below 0C. Cp vs Tg gives -1% limit to prove the existence of 1%limit. Cp increase accompanied by 110-2 cal per 1K from0 K. Both 1%limit arrive Cp = constant, whichmakes a clear the mechanism of Cp on CO2 and air. Shape of gases molecule makes flight to increase a fixed volume when temperature rise shown as Boyle Charles law. Cp, dependence on temperature of Cp and molecular weight in CO2 (flight angle of 66 degree, air of 48 degree), cause global warming and water of high Cp are supporting them. A wave power generation is effective for stopping extinguish of an iceberg.

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