New Schiff bases derivatives of [Ca(II)-Sn(IV)]-µ-oxoisopropoxide: Synthesis, spectral and thermal studies

Author(s): Rajesh Kumar, Rajvinder Kaur

New Schiff base derivatives of heterobimetallic-ì-oxoisopropoxide [CaO2Sn2(OPri)6] have been synthesized between the thermal condensation of ì-oxoisopropoxide with Salicylidene-aniline (HSB1), Salicylidene-otoluidene (HSB2), and Salicylidene-p-chloroaniline (HSB3) in differentmolar ratios (1:1-1:4) yielding the compounds of the type [CaO2Sn2(OPri)6-n (SB)n] (where n is 1-4 and SB = Schiff base anion) respectively. The Schiff base derivatives have been characterized by elemental, spectral (IR, 1H, 13CNMR), thermal and molecular weight measurement. The hydrolyzed products obtained using the hydrothermally assisted sol-gel process was carried to thermal studies which favors the formation of multicomponent oxides. The Schiff base derivatives are found monomeric in nature and less prone to hydrolysis in comparison to parent compound and may prove dazzling precursors for the mixed metal oxides.

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