Musculoskeletal pain treated by bisphosphonate therapy

Author(s): M.Imran Qadir, Ummara Qureshi, Tehzeeb-ul-Nisa

Osteoporosis is the disease in which bone mass decrease and dislocate the bone formation which decrease bone strength and increase the possibility of breakage. This provides the belief for their use in the treatment of diseases of high bone turnover, such as PagetÂ’s disease and hypercalcemia of malignancy. The antiresorptive action of bisphosphonate is also useful in the management of osteoporosis, in which the rate of bone resorption exceeds that of bone formation.Bisphosphonate increase the rate of bone resorbing and bone construction. It is efficient to increase the mass of spinal bone in women. 50%vertebral fracture is reducing by increasing the mass of spinal bone. The two basic transactions is applied in which first is not continuous giving of bisphosphonate, which is expected to reduce bone resorbing, the stage in which medicine is not giving bone development may continue at a standard time, causing normal calcium stability. The investigation and examine in the subject of medicine concerned with children start in 1997. In this regard review article on bisphosphonate recognized 24 prepare and produce text and software concerning to children of that time period.The major cause of this assess is to make a decision what fresh information has been acquired over the past seven years and to offer suggestions for the upcoming use of such drugs in children and what additional research needs to be undertaken. Now a day the information of osteoporosis in childhood has improved so have pressures to consider use of the pharmacological agents used to treat osteoporosis in adults. This assessment gives information about the given results on the usefulness and protection of bisphosphonate therapy for pediatric osteoporosis. By comparing the medical literature, bisphosphonate therapy has very opposing opinions.

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