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Morphometric analysis in the Vaippar river basin TamilNadu, India

Author(s): K.Sankar, K.Pandian

In the present investigation an efforts have been made to find out the drainage characteristics of the eight sub basins ofVaippar river basin, Tamil Nadu, to the describe of their morphology and its related parameters. The following characteristics were carried out such as bifurcation ratio, stream length, formfactor, circulatory ratio, elongation ratio, drainage density and stream frequency. The ratio between cumulative stream length and stream order is constant all the consequently order of the drainage basin. The less bifurcation ratio values and drainage density point out that drainage characteristics in the study area has lack structural control and also the surface area is mainly falls by resistant and permeable rocks with a intensive vegetative cover. The depth of groundwater levels in a few of the sub basins are compared to the less values of drainage density, stream frequency and infiltration number. The described morphometric analysis also solved to the conclusion as three sub basins with less infiltration numbers have great infiltration capacity and these more suitable for artificial recharge.

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