Modelling and optimization of reverse osmosis technique process paprameters to treat chicken industry wastewater

Author(s): K.Thirugnanasambandham,V.Sivakumar

Water demand and wastewater production in chicken industries of India are steeply increasing, and the gap between water supply and demand is getting wider. Furthermore, the constraints for water resources development are also raising due to high investment costs. Treatment of chicken industry wastewater by reverse osmosis (RO) system might be technically and economically viable to cope with water scarcity and overcome the water deficit in chicken industry. Therefore in this present study techno-economical feasibility of chicken industry wastewater treatment by RO was investigated.. From the results initial pH of 7, feed flow rate of 70 LPH and operating pressure of 6 bars were determined as optimal conditions with a maximum permeate flux of 44 LPH and TDS removal of 99 %. Finally, three factors at three levels Box-Behnken response surface design (BBD) were used to develop a mathematical model.

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