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Microstructural and hardness of spray deposited Al-30Mg2Si-2Cu alloy in solutionized and aged conditions

Author(s): Dayanand M.Goudar, G.B.Rudrakshi, G.Jagannatha Reddy, V.C.Srivastava, Jagdish Vagamode

AnAl–30Mg2Si- 2Cu alloy was produced by spray casting and the secondary processing such as hot compression and heat treatment were carried out. The coarsening behavior, distribution and size of the Mg2Si precipitates, the influence of subsequent heat treatment on the microstructure were investigated Uniform distribution of Mg2Si was achieved by spray casting. The hardness tests were conducted on spray deposited, secondary processed and heat treated alloys. The results indicate that spray casting has strong influence on microstructure and hardness of the material. The microstructural refinement of the alloy was enhanced during hot compression. The alloying with copper lead to further increase in strength by age hardening due to precipitation Al2Cu phase. A significant improvement in hardness was observed after hot compression and heat treatment.

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