Microbial community changes induced by thiocyanate released from sago factory effluent

Author(s): V.R.Muthukumaran, P.Visvanathan, R.S.Ganesh Kumar, L.Macklin Rani, M.Govindaraju

The realm of microbial diversity encompasses numerous organisms belonging to the kingdom of Bacteria, Eukarya and Archae. The toxic compounds may cause a shift in microbial community. Sago factory effluent collected fromthree sites was found to containmaximal Cyanide and Thiocyanate concentration of 1.7 mg/l and 12.2 mg/l respectively.After 10 days of incubation, maximal microbial growth was observed in site 3 while the microbial growth decreased in presence of 20 mM Thiocyanate. Shannon- Weiner and Simpsons’ diversity index revealed the negative impacts imposed by Thiocyanate on bacterial community.

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