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Microbial and enzyme activities in cattle dung composed soil

Author(s): G.Nandana, M.David Syam Babu, A.Sridevi, G.Narasimha

In this study, physico-chemical, microbiological and soil enzymes such as cellulase and phosphatase activities were studied in soil composed with cattle dung. Analysis of soil with cattle dung revealed that compost soil underwent changes in allmeasured physicochemical, biological and enzymatic parameters like lower water holding capacity (0.4ml/g of soil) moisture content, (0.2%), higher PH (8.9), electrical conductivity (3.6µMhos/ cm), organic content (7.9kig/h) andmicrobial populations, (bacteria, 22×104 CFU/g soil) and (fungi 2×104 CFU/g soil) were observed in the compost soil. Enzyme activities such as cellulase and phosphatase also increased with increasing the incubation period of soil composed with cattle dung.

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