Mechanical behaviours of wood before and after heat-treatment. Part 2: Properties in flexion of beech and of poplar

Author(s): Moulay Ismail Sabouk, Patrice Berthod, Mathieu Pétrissans

Heat-treatments may be applied to wood to reinforce its resistance against biologic attacks. However thismaymodify themechanical properties of this material and such consequences must be better known. In this work the two following wood species are concerned: beech and poplar. In the first part this was the compression properties which were analysed versus heattreatment. In this second part the work is extended to flexion properties: elasticity modulus and rupture modulus. Bending tests were performed on four samples for each wood species and each state (raw or heat-treated). It appeared here that, contrarily to what was previously observed for compression, applying the considered heat-treatment led rather to a decrease in the mechanical properties revealed by bending tests.

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