Kinetic And Thermodynamic Studies On The Adsorption Of Dyes Onto Low Cost Activated Carbon

Author(s): K.P.Elango, S.Arivoli, M.Sundaravadivelu

Batch experiments were carried out for the sorption of Congo red, Malachite green; Rhodamine B and Rose Bengal dyes onto acid activated carbon. The operating variables studied were initial dye concentration, pH, temperature and contact time. Equilibrium data fitted to the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm equations. From this adsorption efficiency, adsorption energy, adsorption capacity and intensity of adsorption were calculated. From the kinetic studies the rate constant values for the adsorption process was calculated. Thermodynamic parameters like G, H, and S for the adsorption were also calculated. The mechanism of adsorption of the dyes onto the carbon have confirmed by FT-IR, XRD and SEM images.

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