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Investigation of New Optical Properties of Cd and Co-doped Ag2S Colloidal Solution

Author(s): Hammad TM

In this work we report new optical properties of the Cd and Co-doped Ag2S colloidal solution. Cd and Co-doped Ag2S nanoparticles were prepared using a wet chemical method. The influence of doping on the optical properties of Cd and Co-doped nanoparticles was investigated. The TEM images showed the shape of samples is spherical of average particle size of about 6-18 nm for all pure and doped Ag2S nanoparticles. The absorption spectra of the doped samples are red shifted as compared with of the pure Ag2S samples. The Pl intensity of the Cd-doped Ag2S nanoparticles decreased as Cd concentration was increased. However, the Pl intensity of the Co-doped Ag2S reduced as the concentration of Co is enhanced. The particle sizes as calculated from the absorption spectra were in agreement with the results obtained from TEM.

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