Inhibitory effect of a taraxasterol derivative of Manilkara zapota (L.) on Ehrlich ascites carcinoma

Author(s): M.Ismail Hossain, Ziasmin Khatun, M.Rowshanul Habib, M.Rezaul Karim

This study has described the first time isolation and identification of a taraxasterol derivative from the leaves of Manilkara zapota (L.) and its effect on EhrlichAscites Carcinoma (EAC).Aphytochemical study on the leaves of Manilkara zapota using chromatographic techniques led to the first time isolation of 21á-Hydroxy-taraxasterol as compound-1. Its structure was confirmed by spectroscopic analyses (Mass and NMR). In vivo, the effect of compound-1 on Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma was assessed by evaluating the viable tumour cell count, survival time, body weight gain due to tumour burden and heamatological (hemoglobin content, RBC and WBC count) parameters of EAC cell bearingmice.At 5mg/kg bodyweight dose, compound-1 showed significant decrease in (p<0.05) viable cell count, weight gain and elevated the life span of EAC cell bearing mice. Altered hematological profile such as RBC, hemoglobin, WBC and differential count were reverted to normal level in compound-1 treated mice. Results of this study conclude that in vivo the compound-1 (i.e., 21á- Hydroxy-taraxast) has inhibitory activity against EhrlichAscites Carcinoma with improving in cancer induced complications.

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