Influence of donor Nd and sintering conditions on dielectric property of BaTiO3-based ceramics

Author(s): Ding Shi-Wen, Li Lan-Fen, Wang Jing

A series of Ba0.8Sr0.2Zr0.1Ti0.9·xNd2O3 solid solutions with average size of 50nm were synthesized by microwave method. XRD demonstrated that the compounds weremutuallymiscible in the solid solution. The dielectric constant in different sintering temperature was discussed. The result showed that the sample reached a high dielectric constant (about 140000) when the doping content of Nd2O3was 0.2%and the sintering temperature was 12400C. The effect of sintering tomicrostructure was studied bymeans of SEM, and the mechanism was also discussed.

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