Influence of copper, cadmium and zinc ions on the composition and metabolism of lipids of chloroplast membranes in Hydrilla verticillata

Author(s): V.N.Nesterov, O.A.Rozentsvet, N.F.Sinyutina

The Hydrilla verticillata was incubated for a period of 3 days in the presence of 100 µMcopper (Cu), cadmium(Cd) or zinc (Zn) in the forms of nitrate salts. Lipids were extracted from chloroplast-enriched fractions of the H. verticillata. The HM stress resulted in the changes of the lipid composition of chloroplastmembranes, decrease of fatty acid unsaturation. It was revealed that the greater were the damages caused by HM, the more intensive synthesis of lipids occurred. It was found that Cu, Cd and Zn caused an increased synthesis of phosphatidylglycerols (PG) and monogalactosyldiacylglycerols (MGDG), PGand digalactosyldiacylglycerols (DGDG), and MGDG, respectively. It was concluded that changes in the lipid metabolism compensate the negative effect of HM.

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