Impact of continuous use of chemical fertilizers on soil fertility and productivity for the main crops of Sidhi district of eastern M.P.

Author(s): Vinod Dubey, A.K.Patel, Archna Shukla, Sonam Shukla, Shalini Singh

Complete soil analysis was carried out taking 5 pedons each of five blocks of district Sidhi during cropping season and after harvesting (for summer and Kharif 2010) to establish the status of nutrients, result so obtained clearly showed that the application of recommended dose ofN.P. and K increase the crop yield, application of 100%N.P.K. Substantially improved the available N.P.K. over its initial value there by indicating significant contribution towards sustaining the soil health. On the other hand omission of S and Zn in 100% N.P.K. treatment caused a continuous depletion in soil ‘S’ status over initial value.Adeclining trend from its initial value of available ‘K’ status was also observed as a continuous cropping. This indicates considerable mining of available ‘K’ from the soil. Hence indicating the need to raise the level of ‘K’ fertilizer application to meet the demand of crops.Additions of Zn also indicated considerable increase in crop production. However, the fertility of soil appears to be adversely affected due to the imbalanced use of nutrients i.e. N. P. or N, alone. Thus the balanced use of fertilizers continuously necessary for sustaining soil fertility and productivity of crops. However there is an apprehension that the use of chemical fertilizer over the years might may impair the soil fertility. In continuous cropping, use of imbalanced nutrients through inorg. Fertilizer can not only sustain the desired level of crop production[12] hence integration of inorganic fertilizer with organic manure will not only sustain the crop production but also will be effective in improving soil health and enhancing the nutrient use efficiency[13]. As information is lacking on the effect of continuous fertilization and cropping on soil properties and crop production on the soil of Sidhi district of eastern M. P. hence the present study was undertaken.

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