Hydrological problems of Mudasarlova Reservoir, one of the water supply surface sources to Visakhapatnam city - A case study

Author(s): P.Malleswara Rao, V.Chandraiah, V.Mahamood

Hydrological study of reservoir is essential for proper planning of the reservoir storage capacity and spillway capacity. In the present study Mudasaralova Reservoir in Visakhapatnam city is considered. The runoff and yield of the reservoir is computed using rain fall data of nearby two rain guage stations Pendurthi and Visakhapatnam. The peak flood flow into the reservoir is also computed. The catchment area map, contour map, drainage map, slope map, and Land use/ land cover maps are prepared using GIS software. The runoff is computed using SCS-CN and Stranges curves and the suggestions for improvement of the reservoir are given.

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