How to characterize fractures in oil and gas reservoirsusing image logs and the other geological logs, a case study

Author(s): Mostafa Alizadeh, Zohreh Movahed, Radzuan Bin Junin

Fracture characterizationmeans finding out the fracture type, fracture strike, fractures dip, fracture aperture, fractureoccurrence, fracture density and any other information related to fractures. In oil and gas industry, havingthis informationabout the fractures are essential, because of the importance that they have in oil and gas reservoirs. Fractures provide the place for oil and gas to stay and to provide the pathway for them to moveinto the well. In other word, doing any operation in oil and gas reservoirsdepends onfracture characterization, especially in naturallyfractured reservoirs. Image log technology is the new technology that can provide us this information, but this technology is still unknownto many geologists, so we will explain it completely using a case study and a number of valuable selected log interpretation examples.

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