Germination of seeds in soil samples of heavy traffic zones of hyderabad telangana, India

Author(s): N.Gandhi, D.Sirisha, Smita Asthana

Plant toxicity bioassays through fast germinating agricultural crops can indicate the phytoremediation potential, effects on growth and survival and also assess extent of pollution. In the present study, the phytotoxic effect of heavy trafic/ petrol driven vehcile contaminated soil was studies on two agricultural crops namely Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) and Eleusine coracana (Ragi/ finger millet) in four different heavy trafic zone contamination.All the test plant species tolerated against contamination at 20-80% levels and the total percent seed germination was between 3 to 70 %. The change in physicochemical charecterstics of soil samples before and after seed germination suggesting cultivation of these crops in polluted areas helps in controlling of soil pollution.

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