Genotoxicity of ground water due to nitrate pollution and removal of nitrate by fungal consortium

Author(s): Gowri Meiyazhagan, Ponmurugan Karuppiah, Suresh S.S.Raja

In this study, a total of 20 individual exposed to contaminated water bodies were investigated for DNA damage. The water samples from pallipalayam were found to be mutagenic when analyzed by comet assay. The nitrate level in the water samples analyzed was higher than the permissible limit. The values of physioco-chemical parameters like TDS, BOD and nitrate of the water samples frompallipalayamwere higher than the permissible limit. The higher concentrate of nitrate was removed with the help of organism isolated from ground water. The bio adsorption rate of Aspergillus niger adsorbed 94% of the nitrates, A. flavus adsorbed 80% of the nitrate, A. fumigatus adsorbed 81%of the nitrate and Penicillium spp.Adsorbed 75% of the nitrate. Consortium of these cultures adsorbs 95% of the nitrate. In conclusion, ground water at pallipalayamdoes have genotoxic effect on the consumers and the indigenous microbial consortium can be used in the removal ofmutagenic nitrate.

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