Gamma-irradiations effects on structural and micro-structural parameters of water remediator HP-mica-Cr-III-clay synthesized in organic solvent

Author(s): Khaled M.Elsabawy, W.F.Elhawary, Q.Mohsen, M.M.M.Youssef

Solution route was applied to synthesize new family of free-fluoride synthetic clay.All starting solutions were made by applying carbon tetra-chloride (CCl4) as a solvent. The selected sample of synthetic free fluoride-Na-4- mica was having the general formula (Na4Mg6M4Si4O22.nH2O) where M=Cr3+was exposured to two different -irradiation doses 1st dose=1.5MR/ h and 2nd dose=3 MR/h at 25cm distance. Structural parameters such as lattice constants, volume and phase quality were monitoring carefully by using both ofXRD and SEMevaluating grain size of themica bulk.Structural investigations proved that Cr-clay exhibits monoclinic phase accompanied with structure quality in comparison with both of Bi-and Al-clays.

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