Formation of binary and ternary complex of Cu(II) with ethambutol hydrochloride and aspartame as primary ligands and amino acid as secondary ligands

Author(s): R.P.Phase, A.G.Shankarwar, S.G.Shankarwar, T.K.Chondhekar

The stability constant of (1:1:1) ternary chelates of bivalent Cu(II)metal ion with some drugs such as aspartame (L4) and ethambutol hydrochloride (L7) as primary ligands and amino acids, such as Leucine (R3) and phenylalanine (R6) as secondary ligands have been carried out in 20%(v/v) ethanol - water medium pH-metrically at 300C and 0.1 M (NaClO4) ionic strength. The stability constants of binary complexes ML and ML2 are also determined under similar experimental conditions. The stability constants of ternary complexes are evaluated and their relative stabilities compared to the corresponding binary complexes are expressed in terms of statistical parameters logK,KR, KLand Kr. Formation of complex specieswith respect to pH have been discussed by Irving-Rossotti technique and evaluated by using the computer SCOGS program.

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