Flavanol from flower’s of Nymphaea stellata willd

Author(s): P.Kothari, P.Durgapal

Nymphaea stellatawilld is a large, perennial aquatic herb with a short ovoid, acute root stock found in ponds and ditches throughout the warmer parts of India belonging to family Nymphaeaceae and is reputed in Indian systemofmedicine. Material (Flower’s) was collected in the months ofAugust and September from the Rishikesh area of Uttarakhand. Extraction was done with EtOH and EtOAc. Flavanol glucosides was isolated by column chromatography over silica gel (Merck 60-120 mesh) using eluting solvent Ethyl acetate : methanol : water (25:4:3). The compounds were characterized by various chemical and spectroscopic techniques.

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