Features of formation of reefs and macrobenthos communities in the An Thoi archipelago the Gulf of Thailand (South China Sea)

Author(s): YuriYa.Latypov

Macrobenthos communities studied on fringing reefs of the AnThoj archipelago using SCUBA-diving equipment. The islands are located in the turbid and highly eutrophic waters of the eastern Gulf of Thailand.We researched species composition and settlements densities and biomasses in common species of algae, coelenterates, mollusks and echinoderms, as well as the degree of substrate coverage by macrophytes and coral. Clear vertical zonation identified in the change of the various communities in macrobenthos. The dominance of massive Porites on almost all reefs of the Gulf of Thailand is due to their ability to survive in stressful for many corals. They predominate over other scleractinian for the productivity of organic matter, the degree of substrate coverage and species diversity. They also constitute the reef skeleton and play a significant role of the expansion of its area in themuddy bottom of the Gulf of Thailand.

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