Fagonia boveana as a biomonitor for exploration and remediation of some trace elements fromsoil inQattar area,North Eastern Desert, Egypt

Author(s): A.S.El Hassanin, A.A.El Sokkary, O.A.Ebyan

Plants in Gebel Qattar are condensed in the course of rainwater that is coming from top of mountain. In the present study, the plant samples are collected fromfour studied sectors:Qattar I (QI), Qattar II (QII), QattarV(QV) andWadi ElAbde. Fromthe distribution of theAs, Bi, V, Ga, Cr, and Sn in the studied soil samples, it was found that QI, QII andWadi ElAbde sites contain the highest concentration ofAs, Bi,V,Ga, Cr, and Sn. relative to QV.Among the plant samples, it was found, Fagonia boveana has the ability to absorb and concentrate As, Bi, V, Ga, Cr, and Sn. Therefore, this plant is significant for exploration of these elements and can be used for phytoremediation of these elements.

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