Extraction of uranium and rare earth elements from sulfate solutions by using D2EHPA impregnated rice straw

Author(s): E.M.El-Sheikh, T.E.Amer, E.A.Khaled, A.I.Hashem

Rice straw has been used as an adsorbent for impregnation of the cationic organic solvent namely; di-2-ethylhexyl- phosphoric acid (D2EHPA) for the recovery of both uranium and lanthanum from their synthesized sulfate solutions. The adsorption and desorption behavior of the prepared solvent impregnated rice straw (SIRS) toward uranium and lanthanum was investigated by batch technique at different experimental conditions. Kinetic characteristics of the adsorptions process have been investigated. Also, the work has been shifted to investigate the potentiality of the prepared SIRS for the recovery of uraniumand rare earth elements froman actual sulfate leach liquor of El-Sella orematerial (South EasternDesert of Egypt).

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