Experimental and theoretical study of fluidized bed for SO2 recovery as sulfur from effluent gases from sulfur production unit

Author(s): Farshad Farahbod, Hasan Zare Neirizi,Vahid Namvar Behi, Sara Farahmand

This paper studies the operating conditions for 2 SO recovery in one fluidized bed reactor which is filled with aluminum oxide catalysts. The performance of the bed is analyzed experimentally and theoretically in this work. Sweet gas production is themajor purpose of this process. Experiments are conducted for sour gases with different amounts of concentration. The influence of bed height, bed width, diameter of aluminum oxide particles, operating conditions such as temperature and pressure and also superficial velocity of inlet gas are measured and discussed. Likewise, comparison between obtained experimental data for bed height, temperature, sorbent aluminumcontent and the results of model is done. No relevant differences are observed between experimental data and theoreticalmodel. Results show the increase in the amount of recovery with increasing sorbent aluminum content and bed height. The relation between recovery and operating temperature is linear, relatively. Finally, this paper provides clear insights into the effect of operating conditions of fluidized bed filled with aluminum oxide upon recovery.

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