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Excitation of surface plasmons in multilayer structures containing alternate å-negative and the ì-negative metamaterials

Author(s): Hadi Rahimi

The localized surface waves at the interface between a semi-infinite periodic multilayer structure containing alternate å-negative (ENG) and the ì-negative (MNG) layers and a uniform right-handed material and also a uniform lefthanded metamaterial have been investigated. We demonstrated that in the presence of uniformright-handed materials, this systemcan support TE and TM-polarized surface waves depending on the relative thicknesses of the ENG and the MNG layers. But, in the presence of uniform left-handed metamaterials, the supposed structure only support TM-polarized surface waves. These localized modes can have two different transverse structure related to the order of the ENG and theMNG layers; one with a hump at the interface between uniformmaterial and the cap layer and the other one with a hump at the interface between the cap layer and the periodic multilayer structure.

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