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Evaluation of total phenolic content, flavonoid content and antioxidant activity of stem bark of Bridelia retusa (Linn.) spreng

Author(s): K.A.Wadkar, C.S.Magdum

In this study we have determined the total phenolic, flavonoid content and antioxidant activity of aqueous and alcoholic extract of the stem bark of Bridelia retusa Linn. (Euphorbiaceae). Folin-ciocalteu method was used to determine the total phenolic content and flavonoid content of these extract were assessed by aluminium chloride method. The antioxidant activities were determined by DPPHmethod. The aqueous as well as alcoholic extract showed antioxidant activity, alcoholic extract contained more phenolic and flavonoids and hence possessed greater antioxidant activity as compared to aqueous extract. The results suggest that the plant is good source of antioxidants and support their use in various diseases.

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