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Evaluation of Ground Water and Surface Water of Central University of Jharkhand Campus and Adjoining Areas

Author(s): Kumar P, Praveen K, Pramanik R, Kumar A, Sony NK, Bharti G, Bharti R and Singh B

Due to increased human population, industrialization, use of fertilizers and manmade activity, water is highly polluted with different harmful contaminants. Ground water gets contaminated due to weathering of rocks, leaching of soils, mining processes, etc. It is, therefore, necessary that the quality of drinking water should be checked at regular time interval, because use of contaminated drinking water by human population leads to various water borne diseases. In the present study, ground and surface water were collected from different site of Brambe and Central University of Jharkhand Campus, at Brambe, Ranchi District located in India for investigation of its physiochemical parameters. The local community is dependent on the groundwater and surface water for drinking and irrigation purpose. The objective of this study is to find out the quality of ground water and surface water around Brambe, and CUJ campus and report its suitability for domestic and agricultural purpose after appropriate treatment. These parameters are essential in determining quality of ground water and surface water. The results were compared with the drinking water guidelines of Indian Standard IS 10500 and IS 2296. Laboratory experiments were done using titrimetric method for analysis of various parameters like acidity, alkalinity, conductivity, pH, total hardness, free carbon dioxide and total solid and TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) were done using drying oven (105°C). Result of all parameters are within IS standard except alkalinity.

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