Evaluation of El-Seel drain water quality and their effect on river Nile pollution

Author(s): Sayeda M.Ali,Amr H. Fouda, Ahmed A.El-Ghamry, Hesham Abd Elmonem

El-seel drain is one of the mainsources of pollution at Aswan, Egypt. Physico-chemical and bacteriological analyses indicated that the initial point of drain (the beginning of the wastewater flow) and the point after 4.5 km from the initial point recorded higher amount of pollution.Although the pollution depressed along way of drain, but the water quality at the drain end still higher than permissible limits. Furthermore,pathogenic bacteria (Salmonella sp, Shigella sp, and E. coli) were detected in more than 97 % of drain water samples. In addition, disposedEl-Seel effluents on River Nile water increased microbial load, BOD and COD, and then progressively decreased downstream except gathering place located after 450 m down-stream. Therefore, El-Seel drain causes high risks to human health and environmental problem.

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