Evaluation of cyanobacterial extracts for seed germination property on Oryza sativa, Helianthus annus and Hibiscus esculuntus

Author(s): Perumal Varalakshmi, Viswadevan Viswajith, Sethuraman Prabha, Perumal Malliga

About 20 species of cyanobacteria were isolated from various Oryza sativa fields in Karur dist.After purification all the organisms were verified for their abilty to enhance seed germination in Oryza sativa, Helianthus annus and Hibiscus esculuntus.Among the 20 species Oscillatoria annae showed maximumgermination ability in all the three plant seeds. The germination% ranged between 85-95%in all the plants. Thus fromour study we recommend Oscillatoria annae to be considered as a serious contender in the field of plant growth promoting hormones which is cost effective and pollution free.

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