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Evaluation Of Crystallization Kinetics Of Fe85Zr3.5Nb3.5B7Cu1 Amorphous Alloy By Non-Isothermal Analysis

Author(s): Kun Peng, LingPing Zhou, Dingfa Fu, AiPing Hu and Feng Xu

The crystallization processes for the amorphous Fe85Zr3.5Nb3.5B7Cu1 alloy were investigated using no-isothermal method. The crystallization data are analyzed in terms of a modified Kissinger’s equation to determine the activation energy (E) and the Avrami exponent (n). The obtained activation energies for the first crystallization is 271±19kJ/mol, with the crystallization kinetics proceeding by a three-dimensional diffusion controlled grain growth on pre-existing nuclei, where n=1.3. And the obtained activation energies for the second crystallization is 466±7kj/mol and where n=2.0, with the crystallization kinetics proceeding by a threedimensional diffusion controlled grain growth of small particles with decreasing nucleation rate.  2006 Trade Science Inc. - INDIA

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