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Evaluation of bird population fluctuation in haigam Wetland,Kashmir, India

Author(s): Imran A.Dar, Mithas A.Dar

An attempt has been made in this research paper to evaluate the current status of Avifauna associated with Hygam wetland. For the purpose of present investigation, the study area was divided (i.e., Transect Method) into three study units of 100m² each, primarily on the basis of characteristics of vegetation and depth of water column. Visual censusmethod was used for the estimation of bird population. Visual counting was made with the help of high power field binocular (20x 50x) fromrespective vantage points. Observations weremade twice in amonth. Identification of birds was done with the help of identification keys. The results shows that the Haigam Wetland is particularly important for migratory spp and marsh land breeding spp. Out of 32 species of birds recorded fromHaigam wetland 13 spp were found to represent the residents, 9 spp were found to represent the summer migrants while as 10 spp represented the wintermigrant community . Densities of little bittern, water rail, common King Fisher are particularly high. Hygamlake ismajorwintering area formigratory ducks particularly the common teal, Northern PinTail, Eurasian Wigeon,Mallard, GadwallNorthern Shoveller, and Common Pochard. This lake is also extremely important breeding area for a variety of birds such as little bittern water rail, Indian moorhen, pheasant tailed jacana and whiskered tern. The wetland is also important for long distance migrants as a stopper site for feeding and resting. Threats to waterbirds and their habitats is observed and discussed. The key issues identified based on Observations and Assessments along with the Remedial measures to be followed to restore theWetland is also discussed elaborately.

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