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Evaluation and statistical analysis of potential wind the wilaya tanger-tetouan

Author(s): A.Benaboud, M.Hajjoubi, M.Ahd, A.Erkik, A.Echchelh

Wind power has experienced strong growth over the last decade in view of its benefits for the environment, technological advances and related government incentive programs. Its characteristic inexhaustible source of energy and clean made it a privileged field of scientific research and development Technologicalmainly in Europe. The rate of evolution of this technology is about 25%. To reduce its energy dependence, Morocco is oriented towards development including the mobilization of renewable energy sources such as wind power. Indeed, Morocco, its favorable geographic location, has a significant wind energy potential estimated at 6,000MW. Potential energy solar, geothermal andwind existing inMorocco, their use for economic development of certain regions appear favorable. Of its agricultural, and given the potential wind energy determined by the preliminary study, the implementation of wind turbines pumping in the Wilaya of Tangier-Tetouan becomes an obligation. The choice of a wind inevitablywind characterization of the implantation site,where the attention that must necessarily bring to estimate the local energy potential. The purpose of this subject is the establishment of the wind atlas of the wilaya region Tanger-Tétouan. First, a statistical study of wind measurements based onWeibull distribution which will allow us to determine the annual average wind speeds. This allowed the establishment of a wind map of the study area. The second part is devoted to the estimation of wind energy potential in the valley of Tangier-Tetouan and the delimitation of the atlas of the power density of the region. The results showed that the site (Tetouan-Ksar Sghir) is the windiest of the study area.

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