Equilibrium,Kinetic And Thermodynamic Studies On The Adsorption Of Anionic And Cationic Dyes Onto A Low Cost Activated Carbon

Author(s): K.P.Elango, S.Arivoli, M.Sundaravadivelu

Batch sorption system using activated carbon from a herb source as an adsorbent was investigated to remove Congo red, Malachite green; Rhodamine B and Rose Bengal dyes from aqueous solutions. The system variables studied include initial concentration of the sorbate, agitation time, adsorbent dose, pH, co-ions and temperature. The experimental data fitted well to the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms. Thermodynamic parameters such as H0, S0 and G0 were calculated indicating that the adsorption was a spontaneous, endothermic and a physical process. Kinetic studies reveal that the adsorption is first order. A mechanism involving two stages has been proposed for the adsorption of dyes onto the adsorbent. FT-IR, and SEM patterns of the adsorbent were recorded to get a better in sight into the mechanism of the adsorption process.

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